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19 Декабрь 2020

Выпуск школьной газеты на английском языке декабрь 2020

Размещено в Новости, Школьные газеты |

If you had a chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past or to see your entire future beforehand, which would you choose and why?
Time travel is one of the most popular questions for reflection. There are a lot of books and films about this theme. Usually, the characters decide that the time travel is a bad idea in the end of the story. However, “12 Dates of Christmas” isn’t one of these types of films, because the time travel helps a main character in an awful situation. Kate doesn’t want to be alone on Christmas Eve and in life. Fate gives her a chance to meet true love and understand that her family and friends are wonderful people.
The time travel is an unhelpful thing for me. If you had decided to correct your mistake in the past or correct the future when you turn back in the present, the worst development would have happened. Although if I had this chance, I would choose to go back in the past, because the future is still ahead but the past isn’t.
The films about time travel are fascinating. I watch this type of stories with pleasure and that is why “12 Dates of Christmas” is my recommendation to my friends. The main idea of which is to treat people around you well. Moreover, this movie has Christmas atmosphere which is needed now. Enjoy watching the Christmas story, dear friend!

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